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Robert Skalli

Our partnership with the Compagnie des Comptoirs

An open mind and imagination are the lights that guide us in the making of Robert Skalli wines. For, in addition to in-depth knowledge of the terroirs, what makes a wine great is that little spark of vision, that little extra something which is the source of creativity.

The quest for flavour

Feeling free to cook as they please is what drives the crews at the Compagnie des Comptoirs, opened in 2001 by the famous chefs Jacques and Laurent Pourcel of the Michelin 3-star restaurant Jardin des Sens in Montpellier.
The Compagnie des Comptoirs was created out of ideas and urges which converged on the same ambition: to make food fun, unprejudiced and inspired.

« We don’t claim to be of any school. Though our roots give us strength, we are not tied to the past. So we can be ourselves and face the future, Mediterranean to the core. Be different now and forever. »

5 Compagnies with the flavour of the south

Cheerful up-to-date places, which are modern without being affected, where you
find friendliness and relaxation. Places to meet and converse and dream and travel,
places which focus on the south and the spirit of freedom.

Take a trip with us in this original recipe invented by the Pourcel twins for the
Compagnie des Comptoirs.
Accompanied by a Robert Skalli Merlot, this oriental marinated veal cutlet will give
your dinners with friends a touch of faraway places.

L. Pourcel et R. Skalli

Oriental marinated veal cutlets; mishmash of linguini and vegetables
Parillada of Bull entrecotes with crushed potatoes With Robert Skalli Syrah

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